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Birthdate:Oct 25
Location:United States of America

a girl of many talents...but no attention span

Before going any further, I must warn you: I am one of those charismatic, holy roller Christians and quite proud of it. I mention my relationship with the Lord on a regular basis because if I didn't, this journal would only be half of me. So, while I can't force you to believe the same way as I do, please be respectful. I will never go to your journal and tell you that you're being a sinner, so please don't come to mine and tell me that I'm being narrow minded. Simple fact: my journal, my thoughts.

But being a Christian is only part of the puzzle. I'm also a fangirl over many things and I used to write fanfiction like crazy. Right now my favorite series on television are Disney Channel's Sonny With A Chance and Good Luck Charlie, Disney XD's Aaron Stone and USA Network's White Collar. What's more, I'm obsessed with the color pink and robots! So, if you ever want to make me smile, post a comment with something involving pink or a robot. If you want me to like squee until I hyperventilate and pass out, post something involving a PINK ROBOT! I'm not kidding...I'll totally go silly! I am also obsessed with how the brain works. I'm a huge fan of this lady by the name of Dr. Caroline Leaf and I totally believe that overall health starts in the brain. Oh and I am a very recent college graduate with an associates in Liberal Arts, I sing, and Walt Disney is my homeboy.

Okay, so I'm also this crazy shipper girl. I don't ship slash or incests, but I will almost 99 percent of the time watch a show or movie and by the end of it have at least one ship! I've even shipped Veggie Tales characters in the past! So, if you want to see an incomplete list of couples I ship, check out my official Ship List.

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